Ex Trainee Alessandro

Ex trainee Alessandro: "After completing my training as a mechatronics engineer at HBS, I was personally given more and more responsibility. I go on service assignments or set up our newly developed equipment and put the individual components into operation. HBS also supports me in my further training to become a mechatronic technician. My tasks are varied and I learn something new every day".


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Trainee Daniel

"Hello! I have already successfully completed the first year of my training as an office management clerk at HBS and would like to give you some insights into my activities here."


Our new trainees

The HBS team wishes you a lot of fun and success in your training!


Trainee Michael

"Immediately after beginning my apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer and a few small exercises in handling the soldering iron, I was allowed to assemble the first products, such as welding guns, by myself."



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