Inter­view with Mr. Gröger

How long have you been working for HBS?
Soon 10 years.

What is your job?
Everything from advisory board chair to general manager.

Year of birth?
The year J.F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Summer or winter:
Always like one after the other, the main thing is really warm or cold. 🌞❄️

Apple or Samsung:
Apple 📱

Running or cycling:
Running, preferably uphill! 🏃

Home Office or Office:
Back in the office immediately after Corona. 😁

Bag or suitcase:
Currently neither, otherwise suitcase or carry-on only. 👜

Gas or charcoal grill:
Charcoal only and like to do it often and with as thick steaks as possible. 🥩

Football or ballet:
Star of the South, hopefully live again soon. ⚽

Herr Gröger
gift delivery

World Cup prediction game winner

Today Ronald was given a present for his victory in the World Cup betting game!


Christmas Excursion

On 23.12.2022 we headed to the Spitzingsee.

Christmas bags

Christmas presents

Yesterday all employees and our office dog Lucky got gift bags. 🎁

the three nicholas

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

We wish you a chocolaty St. Nicholas Day! 🎅🏻