Inter­view with Anja Bloch

How long have you been working for HBS?
Almost 10 years.

What are your responsibilities?
From interior designer to midfielder to navigation system.

Year of birth?
Niki Lauda became world champion for the 1st time.

Life motto?
No risk, no fun! 🎢

Summer or winter?
Summer - beer garden live balance 🥨

Trick or treat?
Ratio 70:30... lots of lemons make sweet lemonade. 🍋

Home office or office?
Office in principle, because I prefer to be in the middle of things instead of just being there. 😉

Crazy or rational?
Crazy by nature - if necessary - adapted to rational. 🤪

Saturday or Sunday?
Definitely holiday. 🔇

Boy or girl?
M for Monster, 16 years and one of my best projects in terms of continuing education and personal development as a leader and mom. 👩👧

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