Inter­view with Daniel Schandlbauer

How long have you been working for HBS?
In September it will be 2 years.

What are your tasks?
Office management assistant in the second year of training.

Year of birth?
The whole world is still talking about that today: Attack on the World Trade Center.

Are you more chaotic or tidy?
I'd say a bit of both, basically a healthy mix. 😆

Summer or winter?
In summer at a lake and in winter playing ice hockey ☀️🏒

Saturday or Sunday?
Friday 😜

Current series?
Outer Banks 👀

Your dream travel destination?
"I've never been to Hawaii..." 🎶
And a tour through Scandinavia

FC Bayern or Sechzig?
Eintracht Frankfurt ⚽

Your motto in life?
Simply easy... life is good! 😊

Daniel Schandlbauer
Easter Search 2023

Easter Search 2023

Everyone got a small gift for Easter which they got to search in our warehouse.

Welcome Dominic!

New HBS team member!

Welcome to the team Dominic!

Welcome Martina!

Welcome Martina!

Welcome to the team Martina!

gift delivery

World Cup prediction game winner

Today Ronald was given a present for his victory in the World Cup betting game!