Inter­view with Daniel Schandlbauer

How long have you been working for HBS?
In September it will be 2 years.

What are your tasks?
Office management assistant in the second year of training.

Year of birth?
The whole world is still talking about that today: Attack on the World Trade Center.

Are you more chaotic or tidy?
I'd say a bit of both, basically a healthy mix. 😆

Summer or winter?
In summer at a lake and in winter playing ice hockey ☀️🏒

Saturday or Sunday?
Friday 😜

Current series?
Outer Banks 👀

Your dream travel destination?
"I've never been to Hawaii..." 🎶
And a tour through Scandinavia

FC Bayern or Sechzig?
Eintracht Frankfurt ⚽

Your motto in life?
Simply easy... life is good! 😊

Daniel Schandlbauer
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