Inter­view with Brigitte Wings

How long have you been working for HBS?
I have been here for 1.5 years.

What are your duties?

Year of birth?
The decade of the hippies.

Trick or treat?
Always, just not for Halloween 👻

House or apartment?
Preferably in a tent 🏕️

Crazy or sensible?
Freestyle thinking 😉

Dog or cat?
Both - the main thing with fur! 🐕🐈

Webinar or live training?
Depends on the presenter. 😜

Breakfast or dinner?
Brunch - all day 😅

Who has hurt you the most so far?
The glass door - ouch! 🥴

Brigitte Wings
gift delivery

World Cup prediction game winner

Today Ronald was given a present for his victory in the World Cup betting game!


Christmas Excursion

On 23.12.2022 we headed to the Spitzingsee.

Christmas bags

Christmas presents

Yesterday all employees and our office dog Lucky got gift bags. 🎁

the three nicholas

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

We wish you a chocolaty St. Nicholas Day! 🎅🏻