Inter­view with Chris­t­ian Ableitner

How long have you been working for HBS?
On New Year's Day, it will be 1825 days.

What are your duties?
Inventory manager

Year of birth?
This year Mario Kempe's became the World Cup top scorer in soccer.

What is your motto in life?
A day without a laugh is a lost day! 😁

Where is your position in the company?
Par terre near the goal, back number 128 🥅

House or apartment?
The main thing is a roof over the hut. 🏠

Mug or waffle?
The important thing is that the beer mug is full. 😜

Dog or cat?
Anything that has feathers. 🐦

Glasses or contact lenses?
... is something for the mole. 😉

Do you prefer manual or automatic?
Self-made is self-made. 💪

Christian Ableitner
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