Inter­view with Chris Natter

How long have you been with HBS?
Around half a year.

What are your tasks?
First year trainee with a focus on internal sales.

Year of birth?
Schalke 04 became champion of hearts.

Socks or barefoot?
Preferably barefoot on the beach. 🦶🏖️

Dog or cat?
Ideally 1 of each 🐶🐱.

Saturday or Sunday?
Doesn't matter, the most important thing is the party 🥳

Summer or winter?
Definitely summer 🌞

Cup or waffle?
Waffle, it tastes better. 🍦😜

Pineapple on pizza?
Definitely. 🍕🍍

What is your motto in life?
Today is the best day ever! 😁

Chris Natter
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