Car­ni­val Food

Doughnut time - the most beautiful time 😍

This was the motto for our Carnival Tuesday: There were plenty of doughnuts for everyone to choose from! 🤩 Then on Ash Wednesday, in keeping with tradition, we avoided meat and ate fish and cheese sandwiches. 🐟🧀
After this delicious week, we are in a food coma over the weekend and hope you spent the carnival season with similar good food! 😋

Schweissen & Schneiden

Schweißen und Schneiden 2023

Impressions from the fair ⚡️

Get in touch

Get in touch!

After the fair is before our cooperation 💪🏻

team picture with our partner

Visit from our partner

We were joined at the fair by our partner TSP. 💛

Welding at the Schweißen & Schneiden

Welding at the fair

We are welding live for you at the fair and you can even try it out for yourself. ✨