Com­merce and pri­vate house­hold applications

What do we actually need stud welding for? 🔩
- Commerce and private household applications.💡

The magic of music is hidden in our audio equipment, and stud welding ensures that they carry the sound perfectly. Every spot weld is a promise that the emotions in our favorite music will reach us in a vivid way. 🎧

Stud welding also transforms our kitchens into places full of stability and creativity. Studs that fix the knobs on the stove are the ones that allow us to create new explosions of flavor. Reliable connections like the handles of our cooking utensils make it possible to prepare symphonies of flavors at any time. 👩‍🍳

Where do you think stud welding is also used?

Schweissen & Schneiden

Schweißen und Schneiden 2023

Impressions from the fair ⚡️

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After the fair is before our cooperation 💪🏻

team picture with our partner

Visit from our partner

We were joined at the fair by our partner TSP. 💛

Welding at the Schweißen & Schneiden

Welding at the fair

We are welding live for you at the fair and you can even try it out for yourself. ✨