Inter­view with Michael Fröschl

How long have you been working for HBS?
Next year it will be 20 years.

What are your tasks?
Design engineer - the technician for sales ✏️

Year of birth?
FC Wacker Innsbruck becomes Austrian soccer champion for the first time.

What is your motto in life?
Hang loose. 😎

House or apartment?
Camper 🚌🏕

Milk from a cup or glass?
Only in cereal.

Socks or barefoot?
Warm socks in the ski boot and barefoot on the surfboard. 🎿🏄

Which person would you like to swap your life with for a day?
Robby Naish 🏄

Summer or winter?
Need both!

E-book or book?

Michael Fröschl
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