Inter­view with Con­ny Egenberger

How long have you been working for HBS?
Since 01.12.2022.

What are your responsibilities?
Team assistant in the personnel team

Year of birth?
You don't ask a woman 😉 but unfortunately 19XX.

What is your motto in life?
No fun - no life 😜

E-book or book?
Book, preferably borrowed from my colleague Lisa 😉 .

What was your dream job as a child?
Kindergarten teacher.

Do you have any special talents that no one knows about?
They're so secret that I don't know them myself. 🔍

Cake or pie?
Cake, dry from the tray 🥧

Current series?
The Bond Type 📺

Bag or suitcase?
Suitcase and please with wheels 🧳

Conny Egenberger
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